Generational Fairness 2017

The objective of this booklet is to present a program that is fair to the current generation, but refrains from passing on financial and laws that are a burden to the next and future generations, thereby limiting their potential for success.

It is an implementable, self-adjusting, self-sufficient easy and transparent plan for taxes, Social Security, and Health Care. It allocates resources to the need rather that administrative, bureaucratic costs or the transfer of special political favors.

There is a safety net, for everyone, but with it comes the responsibility, flexibility, and risk to make decisions in their own best interest.


Less than an hour read, but lots of thinking time.

The red lines are not Generational Fairness

Achieving Generational Fairness with an Implementable, Self-Adjusting, Self-Sufficient, Easy, and Transparent Plan for Taxes, Social Security, and Health Care

Generational Fairness 2017

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